Wonderful Family Wellness Center bridges hope and health in Lost Hills

Lost Hills resident Alicia shares the impact the Family Wellness Center has had on her family and community

Surrounded by colorful homes with friendly neighbors, long-time resident Alicia has many reasons for why she has firmly planted her roots in Lost Hills, California. With a population under 2,500, Lost Hills strongly resembles her hometown of Chiapas, Mexico, where every neighbor knows one another by first name, children play outdoors until the sun sets, and home is a haven away from the bustle of city life.  

But beyond this, Alicia credits the incredible impact of the Wonderful community resources, like the Lost Hills Wonderful Park, the free Wonderful Fitness Center, and most importantly, the recent opening of the Wonderful Family Wellness Center (FWC) as another impetus for remaining in Lost Hills.  

In September, the FWC opened its doors to all families of Wonderful College Prep Academy (WCPA) Lost Hills students, offering comprehensive health services at no cost. This includes up-to-date immunizations, prescriptions, physical exams, counseling and therapy, and health coaching. By having her son Jesus enrolled at WCPA Lost Hills, her entire household of six automatically qualifies for these services for free.

With a 50-minute drive to the closest hospital and the nearest clinic open only two days a week, access to preventive health care has historically been severely limited for residents like Alicia. This has changed with the opening of the FWC, as it is within walking distance of her home and located on campus at WCPA, serving as a lifeline for her family when seeking medical support.

But beyond the scope of free health care, it’s the quality of her visits that keeps her coming back.  

“Whether it’s Lupita at the front desk helping me with paperwork or my provider, Sergio, answering all my questions, everyone treats me with kindness,” shared Alicia. “Having a Spanish-speaking provider has made all the difference in helping me manage my health and being able to care for my children’s health as well.”

Aside from comprehensive health services, the FWC also provides access to fundamental resources for Lost Hills residents in need, ranging from application assistance for social programs like CalFresh and CalWORKs to free tax services and a monthly distribution of essential goods like diapers – a critical item that Alicia has leaned on for support during tough times.

This center has provided much-needed support for WCPA families and Lost Hills overall.


mother of a WCPA student

As she reflects on her 24 years as a Lost Hills resident, she is most grateful for the elements that bring a sense of comunidad into her life – her family, her comadres, a group of local women that gather for regular walks at the FWC, the engaging staff at WCPA Lost Hills where her son receives a high-quality education, and now, the caring personnel at the FWC that work each day to address the health needs of her family and WCPA community.

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